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Living in Rome

Venice for the Biennale

Once every two years from June to November, Venice becomes the centre of the contemporary art world, when it is hosting one of the most prestigious international art gathering: the … Continue reading

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Italy’s Byzantine treasures

Driving from Rome to Ravenna in Emilia-Romagna feels a bit like going to another country. Apart from the language, everything is different: the landscape, the way the city is organised, … Continue reading

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Relaxing in a thermal pool

Italy is well known for its thermal baths and spa resorts. After all, the tradition started two thousand years ago, when the Romans developed sophisticated water systems and aqueducts. The … Continue reading

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Creating heaven on earth

The villa d’Este in Tivoli on the outskirts of Rome is famous for its amazing 16th century terraced gardens, which on a steep hill of only about four hectares, include … Continue reading

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When the French writer Stendhal did his tour of Italy around the 1820s, it took him five days to travel from Florence to Rome on a horse carriage. Today the … Continue reading

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Day trip to Naples

I went to Naples especially to see a Bill Viola exhibition, one of my favourite contemporary artists. The show was held at the Capodimonte museum, one of the largest in … Continue reading

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I am on the fast Frecciarossa train between Rome and Milan, which is busy as usual and is a fair indicator of the number of people who regularly travel between … Continue reading

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Rush for gold in Puglia

We’re on holidays in the Salento, a stunning region in the very south of Puglia, where the Ionian Sea meets the Adriatic. We came here two years ago and had … Continue reading

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Escaping to the Abruzzi mountains

One of the joys of living in Rome is to be able to get out of the city easily, and be within reach of a great number of amazing places. … Continue reading

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North or South?

Salambo escaped to Naples for a two-day breathing break. While on the train, she wondered about the North-South border of Italy. It is well known that Italy as a country … Continue reading

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