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Living in Rome

Rome’s oldest hospital

Santo Spirito in Sassia is one of the world’s oldest hospitals.  Located on the river bank, next to St Peter’s square, it was for centuries Rome’s main public hospital, home … Continue reading

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Santa Sabina on the Aventine Hill

I fell in love with Rome again. Just as I was getting tired of the daily hassle we continuously experience living here, I was struck again unexpectedly because of a … Continue reading

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Rents in Rome

Some things never change. Writing about Rome, Stendhal mentions the extortionate rent visitors have to pay during the Holy Week. He is there in 1829 at the time of the … Continue reading

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Grand Tour

Living in Rome is a bit like being on a modern Grand Tour. We are permanent tourists in the city, going from site to site, deepening our knowledge of the … Continue reading

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To follow up on the previous blog, some areas of Rome can be more than boring: they are depressing. The worst of them in my view is Parioli. Located on … Continue reading

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The reality of Rome

There are days I have enough of living in Rome. There’s a sentiment of apathy in the city that eventually gets you. A subconscious feeling telling you that no matter … Continue reading

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