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rainy rome

It feels like there’s a price to pay for the long-lasting warm summer in Rome: the unbearably rainy days of mid-winter, days spent in a depressed state of mind watching through the window. It is early February and once again Salambo is wondering when it will stop. One day after the next, it rains and rains, so much so that it is impossible to go out. A couple of steps outside are enough to get completely drenched, nothing like the northern European drizzle, proper rain. By then, the winter seems endless.  The dampness goes through one’s bones, which can no longer get warm. Salambo understands now why Romans are so desperate to sit on a beach for a month in summer: it is a way to recharge one’s natural batteries to withstand the wet winter in the city. Salambo has forgotten what summer feels like, she is longing to escape to a warm and sunny place: the irony of living in Rome.

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This entry was posted on February 10, 2010 by in Daily life in Rome, English.
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