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Summer has finally arrived this year…and under the sun, Rome is a different city. There is nothing more pleasurable than having the first coffee of the day on a piazza, still admiring the beauty of the city before moving on to one’s daily commitments; or even better, wasting the day strolling around town without worrying about the imminent rain.  Nowhere like in Rome is the year divided into two very distinctive seasons: summer and the rest of the year. In summer, everything happens outdoor: the swimming pools along the Tiber in the northern part of the city open up, the many cafés put tables outside and start selling ice-cream and granita (lemon flavoured crushed ice),  the parks become livelier with evening entertainment and concerts and the night life migrates to Ostia, the beach suburb of Rome. For nearly three months, from June 15 to early september, the pace of life changes and Romans switch to their summer routine: they are active early in the morning, take a long afternoon break and spend their evenings outside.  At weekends, they desert the city to go to a beach or country house they own or are renting. The official start date is 15th of June…. today we can feel we’re nearly there, finally, after a long and rainy winter!

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