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We know we’ve lived somewhere for too long when we stop seeing what’s around us. It must take a long time for that to happen in Rome, if it ever does…..
It is usually when I get tired of the hassle of living in Rome -a lot of mundane things take up a lot of energy, as I explained in previous posts-, that I’m suddenly stunned by a particularly beautiful sight. It can be an amazing sunset over St Peter’s from Trinità dei Monti, or the Colosseum in full sunlight on a very clear day; they remind you how special this city is. There is one place though which impresses me above all: the Palatine hill seen from Circo Massimo.

remains of past glory on the Palatine hill

It stands there imposing and undisturbed, like a giant ghost watching us running around. I get that feeling every time I drive past it: the eery feel of a ghost looking down at me from its historical height, making an impression.

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