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Arrivederci Roma

As life is taking me to new shores, I have to (hopefully temporarily) say goodbye to Rome. I have just moved to Ethiopia from where I will continue writing this blog (on In the meantime, I will keep the Rome pages online in the archive section.


In way of a conclusion and since we live in a world restricted to top 10 lists of everything, I am going to wrap up this blog with my own personal list of top 10 (or more) reasons to live in the eternal city. I had originally prepared a similar list of reasons to leave Rome, but the distance already makes me feel nostalgic so I prefer to finish on a positive note.

My top 1-1-1 list:

1. the freedom of riding around on a Vespa

1. the stunning beauty of the city

1. the light

1. espresso coffee at café Eustacchio

1. umbrella pine trees

1. piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Fori imperiali at 5 am

1. puntarelle with anchovies

1. Bartaruga on piazza Mattei

1. St Peter’s cupola from viale Gregorio VII

1. Modica chocolate

1. Galleria Borghese

1. summer drinks at Isola Tiberina

1. raw artichoke and parmigiano salad

1. Raffaello’s School of Athens

1. Caravaggio’s Madonna dei Pellegrini

1. linguini con vongole

1. viale Cristoforo Colombo to the sea

1. the beach at cancelli 2 and 4 in winter

1. tasting the seasons at Mercato trionfale

1. pizza bianca piazza Mancini

1. lunch,  dinner and bakeries in the ghetto

1. Fatamorgana ice-creams

1.riding past the Palatino along Circo Massimo

1. shopping in Monti

1. arrosticini near campo Imperatore in the Abbruzzi

1. being able to see Carracci’s love of the gods fresco in Palazzo Farnese

1. Fabriano paper shop

1. walking through the historic centre and always discovering new alleyways

1. lemon or mojito granita in the summer heat

1. escaping to lake Martignano at the weekend

1. Borromini

1. Musei capitolini

1. summer concerts at Villa Ada

1. the café at Villa Medicis

1. hidden bookshops

1. olympic swimming pool at Foro Italico

1. watching the sunrise from the Gianicolo hill and the sunset from the Pincio…

One comment on “Arrivederci Roma

  1. Anne-Gael
    September 7, 2011

    This top 1.1.1 list makes me feel even more nostalgic….even one year after I left. But I’ll have a glimpse of all this in October when I’ll come for work. Anne-Gael


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